plae Bistro celebrates its 10th anniversary

plae Bistro celebrates its 10th anniversary

10 years ago, a new restaurant was created in the Green Bay that was looking to be a place to laugh and eat (p-L-A-E). plae Bistro was born, and has been a foodie favorite in Bellevue ever since. For the

next week, you can celebrate the 10th anniversary of plae Bistro with a special e-mail coupon valid through April 1st.

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Lori Zilles and Leeya DeGrave of plae Bistro join us in the kitchen this morning to showcase a few of their entrees which stand the test of time, having been on the menu for the entire 10 years of

their existence, and to tell us more about the restaurant’s anniversary celebration.

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For more information on plae Bistro, click here.

To be a part of plae Bistro’s email list, and receive their 10th anniversary coupon, you can sign up through 10:00 p.m tonight at the restaurant or by emailing to be submitted for the anniversary deal.


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